Gillian Shelley

“At the end of the day, it’s about digging deep to find and use your unique super power to lift the lives of others. So far, mine is to help social economy organizations discover their own voice and then fight like hell to make it heard. That’s what lifts me.”

Gillian is a curious, creative, and thoughtful hard-worker and storyteller. Her recent studies at McGill in Psychology, Marketing, and International Development coupled with her experience volunteering in leadership roles for social economy organizations developed her strong foundation in best practices for alleviating internal and external marketing pain points. Gillian’s passion for art, brand management, and studying the human mind grants her a critical eye for creating visually-engaging content that stimulates interest and furthers social impact.

For Phil, Gillian takes on research, writing and Social Media for our clients, generating a successful online presence that fosters trusting partnerships between our clients and their donors, volunteers, staff, and community.