Kim Fuller

“There is nothing more satisfying than working with community organizations and non-profits who can really benefit from our expertise. The positive energy and like-mindedness we share with our clients is truly a gift.”

As every good story has a hero, Phil’s story has a heroine: Kim Fuller. When founding Phil, Kim courageously dared what most people only dream of: she made her life’s work her actual work. Generously giving her unique talents and time to improve organizations that improve the lives of others, is who Kim is; helping non-profits achieve their social impact goals through their communications is what Kim does. Her superpowers? There are many: humility, herculean work ethic, thoughtful curiosity, unflappable optimism, and the patience of a Buddha, just to name a few. But the best part about Kim is she always uses her powers for good, by helping people who help people. Kim heeds the distress calls of organizations struggling to connect and reach donors, volunteers, staff, and their communities. She lifts non-profits’ communications effectively and efficiently through her acute vision for creative solutions, seen through a lens firmly rooted in the realities of the social sector. Kim is a CNC Certified Non-profit Consultant and holds a BFA in Design Art from Concordia University and is perfectly bilingual. Volunteer work includes: