We make social impact our business.

It’s in the name. Philanthropy is Phil’s priority, not a pad to our portfolio. We create brand and communication strategies specifically for socially-missioned organizations and businesses.

Our Values

Stay human

It’s easy to get caught up in a project deliverables.  We make sure our team and our clients are always treated with respect and kindness. We recognize that we have individual strengths and weaknesses and accept that every day has ups and downs. We practice empathy and celebrate our diversity.

Give it all you’ve got

We exercise tremendous grit when delivering a project to ensure it is of the highest quality, completed on time and on budget. While we value process, results are how we measure our success. We believe success is a team effort and work together to make the world a better place.

Do what you love, love what you do

We are passionate change-makers. As a social business, our mission aligns perfectly with our clients. Through the same lens, we communicate in a shared understanding to reach common goals. We are curious and creative professionals who love our work and who we work with.


Co-explore, co-create, collaborate! We believe in the power of people working together to achieve their goals. Our inspiration comes from Margaret Mead’s powerful quote:  “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” And we never do, not in our work with our clients or in the way we work as a team.  Together we want to work with you on your outcomes.  No silos, no egos.


Think big, think fast

Sometimes there is a well-traveled solution. Other times, one needs to be created. Armed with a working compass and knowledge of the terrain, we lead our clients to discover new levels of success. We work with organizations that have the courage to set ambitious goals and work together to fulfill them.

What makes us Phil
We are non-profit communications experts: we craft stories to catalyze positive change for the triple bottom line. We help, we create, we activate. And above all, listen. Closely.
What we do
Phil creates fundraising and communication strategies and tools specifically for socially-missioned organizations and businesses. We also have top IT professionals ready to answer your technical needs to support the entire process.
Non-profit experts
We offer our clients an understanding of the social economy landscape better than any profit-driven agency because working with social economy organizations is all that we do. And we love it. We bring non-profit best practices into the modern age by deploying strong stories leveraging relevant technologies, tools, and strategies.
The struggle
Non-profits and social business leaders value consultation and communications but constantly feel the stretch from resources demanded by a million different needs. Often, crucial steps are neglected and the organization wilts. We empathize with that struggle.

For organizations that are seeking to reach their full potential by investing in our professional services, we fine-tune their uniquely compelling narrative. The organization staff and volunteers are left to do what they do best, leaving us to work our magic. And the results are why we’ve been doing this for over 15 years.

How good is your impact if your mission has no reach? We are excavators; we dig deep to discover our clients’ uniquely compelling narrative, we polish to make it shine, and then we make sure the story is consistent internally and in all communications.
Who we work with
We love our clients. For over 15 years, we’ve built long-lasting, trusted partnerships with carefully selected, remarkable non-profit organizations and social businesses. These partnerships start at ground zero. Our clients are poised to take advantage of present-day fundraising and communications tools but often don’t know where to begin.
How we work
Our work begins with our clients’ “why”. We draw from the vision, mission and values of their organization to make sure it carries through, consistently, across all the channels, all the way to the marketing and fundraising material.

With that in mind, we recommend our clients start by developing a strategy with us. We collaborate and suggest solutions to answer, “but, how?” Then, we answer the, “what?”. Phil’s creative and analytical team uses relevant tools from supporting avenues to lift our clients’ communications from every angle.

We develop strategies and solutions through analysis, research, and by asking smart questions to find thoughtful answers.