Teamwork makes the dream work.

We love to strategize, communicate, market, project manage, design, program and fundraise.
With dedicated teamwork, the Phil family triumphs non-profit communications, sharing our victories together and supporting our personal and collective growth. At the end of a hard day’s work, we can usually be found celebrating the little things in life over good food and Guinness.

Meet the Team

Kim Fuller

Founder, Strategy and Creative Direction
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x21

As every good story has a hero, Phil’s story has a heroine: Kim Fuller. When founding Phil, Kim courageously dared what most people only dream of: she made her life’s work her actual work. MORE >

Pierre Couture

Vice President
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x31

Turning vision into action for over 30 years, Pierre is a passionate non-profit expert who brings his management experience across social, cultural, and communications domains and truly immerses himself in every initiative. Equally strategic and creative, Pierre inspires his team and clients with thoughtful leadership… MORE >

Deborah Hinton

Senior Strategist
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x23

Deborah is smart, savvy, effective, empathetic and fun to work with. She has a knack for asking questions that get to root causes fast. She helps clients discover and explore insights, achieve breakthrough thinking, catalyse change and build momentum toward their social impact goals. MORE >

Anders Bjella

Digital Marketing & Web Development
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x30

Anders is convinced that societal benefit and financial gain are not mutually exclusive. A persistent optimist and international food enthusiast, Anders honed his skills as a project manager and web developer on medical, finance, and technology related projects. MORE >

Alaina Pert

Communications Coordinator
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x29

Alaina believes that grassroot communities are worth their weight in gold. Springboarding from that maxim, she united young families looking for an alternative in Montreal by co-founding a non-profit solidarity cooperative with 7 other women and rallied more than 50 families to join in on the fun. MORE>

Jean-François (JF) Lamarche

Strategy and Fundraising
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x33

 After a career as a TV journalist and one in financial communications, JF ventured into the health sector and then into philanthropy. He played a key role in the team that created Héma-Québec, helping to rebuild the credibility of the blood bank system across the province. From there he went on to roles at the Chagnon Foundation and Health Business Group (formerly GP2S). MORE>

Rachel Renaud

Fund development & governance
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x26

 Rachel is dedicated to educating and empowering individuals, businesses and government agencies on the importance of charitable giving and guiding them with her leadership, strategic thinking and creativity. Her personal mission of uniting people to share, exchange and grow is evident in every project in which she is involved. MORE>

Dorothy Massimo

Fundraising and communications
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x38

Dorothy is an astute development consultant with solid work experience in major gifts, annual giving campaigns, and donor relations. Her sparkling communications skills allow her to shine as a committed professional who is strongly focused on humanitarian and social issues. MORE>

Fehmi Mess

Graphic Designer
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x24

Fehmi takes pleasure not only in shaping colors and patterns but also in experimenting with new technologies – always creating images that deliver meaning. Born and raised in Tunisia where he completed his Bachelors of Commerce specializing in Information Systems Management, Fehmi came to Montreal looking for a challenge. MORE>

Maureen Donato

Grant research and writing
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x34

This seasoned strategic fundraising advisor specializes in analyzing fundraising opportunities and creating key relationship for not-for-profits. Her skill at wielding the pen turns the grant application process from a sometimes daunting challenge into a walk in the park for the organizations that revel in her talent. MORE>

Adam Lazaris

Strategy & Growth
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x36

Adam helps clients redesign their traditional operating models to be more sustainable, efficient, resilient, and most importantly, more human. His mission is to help shape the world of tomorrow by supporting the organizations that are working to build it today. MORE>

Christine Lessard

Public Relations
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x32

Christine has always had a keen interest in helping socially missioned organizations and the people they serve. They are experts in their field but often need help telling their story. Working in the not-for-profit community came naturally to her and she’s committed to using her expertise to make a difference. MORE>

Rina Albala

Marketing & Social Media
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x27

In her personal and professional networks, Rina is known as the creative idea-generator, and is the go-to person for all things marketing & social media. She is always working on a few different projects simultaneously, because she loves to keep busy and learn new things. MORE>

Frédéric Raguenez

Project Manager
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x37

Frédéric has excellent insight in the management and development of communications and marketing projects – he has been a master in his field for over 15 years. He knows the full scope that needs to be taken into account for success to happen – on large or small-scale endeavors. MORE>

David Beaudoin

Art Director

David has been designing logos and carefully crafting brands since 1996. He has lent his design talents to unifying corporate identity throughout various print, web and marketing projects for local and national organizations.His many years in the not-for-profit field provide him with a deep understanding of charities and how to help them look their best. MORE >


Mike Taylor

Director of Fundraising Technologies
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x22

Mike’s patience, dedication, and expertise fit in perfectly on the Phil team. As technology is a realm that most non-profits struggle to utilize fully, Mike enjoys bringing tech solutions to social impact. He helps our clients accomplish their fundraising goals, achieve new efficiencies and help create cost savings for their organizations. MORE >

François Côté

[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x35

François is a passionate experiential marketer with over 25 years of experience in events, promotions, sponsorships and partnerships. The diverse clients and mandates he has piloted to success gives him a unique perspective on the world of marketing. MORE>

Sophie Martin

Communications and Public Relations
[email protected] | 514.932.0314 x25

Sophie is positive, energetic and loves a challenge. A firm believer in the power of listening, she dedicates enormous energy to understanding clients’ specific needs. They work together to tailor successful solutions that transform vision into action. Fluently bilingual, Sophie has nearly 10 years of experience in the non-profit and government sectors. MORE>

Kelly Wighton

Communications & PR
[email protected]

Kelly is a compassionate and thoughtful member of the Phil team and has always been interested in how Canadian communities flourish when brought together to advance positive change across the nation. She believes communications experts serve a powerful role in ensuring change-makers can get from vision to impact, influenced by the compelling story of an organization and its projects. MORE>

Rémi Thibault

French Copywriter

Rémi is as resourceful as he is versatile. With over 25 years in various creative writing positions in many high profile agencies and non-profits, we are fortunate to have him contribute to our various projects. Over the years he has helped position many organizations with compelling messages, taglines and convincing copywriting. He keeps up with the fast paced beat Phil is accustomed to and delivers on time every time, with style and unmatched elegance!


William da Silva

Non-profit IT Specialist

William maximizes operational efficiency within organizations; he expertly defines processes, creates trainings, and offers experienced execution and performance management solutions. His 15 years of experience in the philanthropic field equip William with the knowledge required to implement fundraising data solutions tailored to our clients needs. MORE >

Gabriel Lazar Garrido

B Corp & Sustainability Support
[email protected]

Inquisitive, passionate and smart, Gabriel helps Phil find new and innovative ways to “be the change” and use our business for good. He is enthusiastic member of our Phil team who sees an opportunity to contribute in a substantive way by helping us align and strengthen all our actions around Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Clients to do good – even better – as a B-Corp. MORE>



Learning to socialize at Phil’s Little Burgundy office is part of Loomi’s job. This adorable Labernese puppy is in training to become a Mira service dog – he will make a real difference in the life of a disabled person.MORE>


Stefan Karnyaczki


Stefan finds pleasure in working through problems that others fear. Put simply, he was born to be a programmer. At a remarkably young age, Stefan extended his field of expertise and knowledge by completing his bachelor degree in software engineering from ÉTS. Currently pursuing his master’s in software engineering–while concurrently teaching a university lab at ÉTS. MORE >