Gilles Poulin

“I strongly believe philanthropy is at a crossroads and that by joining the visionary and talented Phil team, I can contribute even more, having a greater impact on communities and organizations in need.”

After 25 years of working in finance and “doing good” as a hobby, Gilles is now dedicating his time, experience and energy to working with socially-missioned organizations. While his sharp sense for finance is an asset to our clients, Gilles’ vision for innovative and transformational fundraising events is the special something he brings to Phil’s team. We all know that galas and golf tournaments are no longer attracting the participants and funds they used to. Gilles’ unique approach to event design and management transforms organization and participant experience by lowering costs, increasing the amount raised, and creating happier, more loyal donors.

From founding what has now become the biggest fundraising trail running event in the country to setting up his own foundation and endowment, to creating Canada’s first bank for charities Gilles is neither short on ideas or energy when it comes to making the world a better place.

His volunteer work includes:

  • Founding and running in the Bromont Ultra, a 100% volunteer based fundraising event which has raised close to $700 000 in its first 4 years of operation. Leading a team of over 300 volunteers and inspiring over 1500 runners every year to give more and run further.
  • Single-handedly raising close to half a million dollars for organisations through his ultra-running, launching “challenge-based fundraising” long before it became mainstream
  • Organizing fundraising events for the Fondation québécoise de la maladie coeliaque
  • Acting as auctioneer for Club des petits déjeuners
  • Funding and building a school for Maasai girls in Tanzania for Reach out to Humanity.