Gillian Shelley

“At the end of the day, it’s about digging deep to find and use your unique super power to lift the lives of others. So far, mine is to help social economy organizations discover their own voice and then fight like hell to make it heard. That’s what lifts me.”

Curious and creative, Gillian contributes Brand Management for Phil. Gillian recently graduated from McGill with a Bachelor’s–major in Psychology and a minor in Marketing. After interning at Phil for a year during her studies in social media, research, and marketing, she couldn’t stay away! Gillian is excited to apply this experience as a part of the Phil team in a branding capacity.

She believes in the power of an inspiring non-profit brand that synchronizes all aspects of the mission and vision, as well as harnessing Phil’s dynamic brand to engage with non-profits. Gillian’s keen acumen for spot-on language and her intuitive sense of artistic design instill emotional brand loyalty and trust across audiences. Often because a client is too close to their own story, they are challenged to tell it. Her incisive questions invite clients to share their stories in ways that give them new perspectives.

She also helps position and support Phil in leading the movement of companies using business for good. In this effort, Phil has the capacity to demonstrate a model of social consciousness in business.

Gillian currently volunteers teaching yoga and is dedicated to furthering the mission of Metta Earth Institute, a center for contemplative ecology in Lincoln, VT.