Meticulous, collaborative, and adaptable, Kristi’s speciality is creating and editing copy that connects with diverse audiences. Her focus is on delivering compelling, results-driven content that combines consistency, clarity, and nuance, with a flexible voice and style. Together with her diverse experience writing for e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, Kristi also brings expertise in French to English translation with an emphasis on fluid, plain-English style that hits to the heart of the message every time.

Kristi is an asset to the Phil team because of her effective writing for widely varying segments and mediums, from print to online content, SEO copywriting, content curating, structural and stylistic editing; and everything in between. For our clients, Kristi applies a remarkable acumen in communicating complex ideas into user friendly, easy to understand content that speaks for itself.

The causes about which Kristi is passionate are as varied as her talents. Kristi supports initiatives related to education and literacy, child welfare, public health, refugee integration, as well as causes and organizations related to natural resource and agricultural development.