Mike Taylor

“It’s gratifying to help non-profits in an area that many of them often feel lost and confused about. Working closely with them to identify issues and help them to find the right solution is immensely rewarding. Technology has so much to offer, I enjoy seeing how it creates a positive impact for our clients.”

Mike’s patience, dedication, and expertise fit in perfectly on the Phil team. As technology is a realm that most non-profits struggle to utilize fully, Mike enjoys bringing tech solutions to social impact. He helps our clients accomplish their fundraising goals, achieve new efficiencies and help create cost savings for their organizations.

With a twinkle in his eye and wide smile, Mike works with our clients to teach them how to use technology or how to solve a technical challenge in simple, layman’s terms that our clients easily digest and understand. Mike has over 20 years experience in website development, technical support and IT consultation. He attends to the clients wishes and designer’s needs while ensuring a very high level of technical quality.

Mike volunteers for the following organizations: