Virginie (Vee) is up for any challenge.  

Shortly after graduating from CEGEP, while all her friends were heading to Europe or University, and without really speaking or understanding English, Vee flew across the world to Australia. A planned short stay turned into a seven year adventure. She’s returned home with solid work experience, certificates in marketing, business and yoga, a wonderful French/Australian accent in English and a passion for surfing and hiking in the rainforest.

While she was in Australia she got her first taste of doing well and doing good when she worked for an ISO certified environmental consultancy. Here, Vee worked on a range of marketing campaigns to sensitize the public on serious environmental issues, primarily with flora, fauna and water quality management.  She learned how to ‘hack’ technical solutions in the absence of in-house IT support and developed her outstanding client services skills.

Now she’s back in Montreal, Vee is ready for more challenges.  She’s helping Phil do what it does even better while studying at Concordia University part-time to deepen her knowledge and build more skills in marketing and business.

We love all of this and also how curious, passionate and resourceful Vee is.   

They’ll be no more surfing over lunch breaks or hiking in rainforests, but we hope to see Vee out on our neighbouring Mont Royal and perhaps teaching us a little yoga when she’s able to pull herself away from helping us help our clients change the world.