Case Study: Hope & Cope

“With our new website – and new logo, also designed by Phil – we now are able to brand Hope & Cope as a dynamic organization that provides support for every age and every stage of cancer.”
– Suzanne O’Brien, Executive Director, Hope & Cope

Hope & Cope has been providing compassionate, supportive, evidence-based cancer care for over three decades. Guided by professional staff, cancer-experienced volunteers provide psychosocial support and practical resources that help patients regain a sense of control and well-being, reduce isolation and restore hope.


Phil was chosen to develop the new Hope & Cope branding, website and online newsletter. In collaboration with the Executive Director and communications team, we were asked to create a new image for the organisation that better reflected who they are, and translate that new branding into a new website presence which could be easily updated with event calendars and news by the communications team.


To properly manage the needs of the organisation, Phil first worked to understand the key concerns and desires for the future of Hope & Cope. We then proceeded to:

  • Create a new brand identity that better reflected Hope & Cope’s clientele and the innovative care they provide. A key concern was that it could be easily reproduced, and that it worked well with the Jewish General Hospital Foundation logo. Phil also develop sub-brand logos for their various programs, which were all tied into the main brand.
  • Design and program a new website by mapping out the user experience through a visitor’s journey that addressed their needs and promoted the core services offered by the organisation. The website is now fully managed by the Hope & Cope communications team and features a monthly event calendar of their daily activities, a news section which is updated regularly with the latest information, and a visually appealing layout that highlights the facilities, the variety of activities and the peer network.
  • Develop an online newsletter template which focuses on better donor, volunteer and patient communication. By designing and implementing a newsletter template that would highlight news and events while promoting the importance of volunteering and donating to the organisation, Hope & Cope has now created a conduit for dialogue and increased promotion of their services.


The logo has been warmly embraced and the communications tools are gradually being updated with the new branding. The website has seen a substantial traffic increase and the communications team has been dedicated to keeping it updated with fresh content. The first newsletter was sent out in June and more than exceeded open and click-through rates in the industry. All in all, Phil is proud of our work with Hope & Cope and looks forward to more exciting projects with this dynamic team!

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