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Case Study: Logifem

Phil Communications began working with Logifem in 2011, when Sally Richmond signed on as Executive Director. Logifem is a Montreal women’s shelter dedicated to helping and empowering women in difficulty (with or without children) with physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs to face the future with strength, courage, hope and dignity.

cs_Logifem_stationeryWith no web site or marketing plan in place for the organization, Ms. Richmond was actively seeking a specialized team to help Logifem reach out to more stakeholders, knowing this would increase its community visibility and fundraising capacity.

Ms. Richmond came to Logifem with years of experience in the non-profit sector. She had coordinated projects for ECSR – Christians working with refugee and asylum seekers; coordinated conferences for CHASTE, a UK counter trafficking organisation; and been a manager at Dix Mille Villages, a non-profit fair trade retail outlet. As such, she knew exactly what kind of help she needed for Logifem, and it started with better communication tools.

cs_Logifem_pamphletA web site had become necessary for Logifem to increase its visibility, and it has helped Logifem promote their work without compromising these vulnerable women’s safety. Ms. Richmond was looking for a team with non-profit expertise who could create a breadth of materials to support Logifem including print (pamphlets) and online tools (web site), all with art direction and project management, all on a charity-sized budget! Ms. Richmond understood the importance of size and manageability of the final result. They have a very small team and limited resources to create and manage such marketing projects.

LogifemPhil Communications was able to fulfill all of these requirements by combining our deep knowledge of philanthropy with our ability to work to Logifem’s modest budget. We built a WordPress website, and after a brief training session, Logifem was able to take over the upkeep of their content easily and seamlessly once the site was launched. In conjunction with the print materials Phil provided, Logifem’s new web site has significantly improved their situation. They now send regular updates to their stakeholders thanks to a simple MailChimp email template designed to match the look and feel of their website. Visitors can also choose to sign up for the newsletter via the website or sign up using the online volunteer form. Phil made just a few simple suggestions to help increase visibility and engagement, without giving extra administrative work to Logifem’s small team.

LogifemSatisfied with her choice and with the results that ensued, Executive Director Sally Richmond says Logifem has “made giant leaps” since its communications overhaul with Phil. From volunteer recruitment to donation management to information distribution, every aspect of the organization’s activities now runs more efficiently than before, thanks in no small part to content integration across platforms.

Phil is proud to have extended the reach of such a worthy cause, and we intend to use our simple cross-platform strategies to help many more non-profit organizations in the future.

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