Case Study: Loyola High School

In 1848 the future Loyola came into existence as Collège Sainte-Marie and St Mary’s College, a new bilingual Jesuit institution with a double name serving both the French and English speaking Catholic population of Montreal. Loyola High School has since grown into a creditable and inspiring school for secondary education serving English Catholic families of greater Montreal. Loyola continues today to challenge each student and encourage spiritual growth.


Loyola High School completed its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan and mandated Phil to design the plan for public consult. In 2015, Loyola began reviewing its current communications materials to modernise its positioning to better reflect its strategic positioning, and make communication tools more engaging and visually appealing.

Phil was asked to perform a communications audit of all of its internal and external communications, with recommendations regarding priorities and resource allocation.


The first step of our mandate was to design the strategic plan with the goal of creating a look and feel that would be carried out through all communications vehicles.

We then performed a communications audit to assess the current tools in use. Our Communications Audit consisted of six major activities:

  • Orientation
  • Survey
  • Staff Discussions
  • Audit
  • Benchmarking
  • Synthesis of Data for final reporting


This process helped Loyola

  • Present the information they wished to convey to targeted audiences, assuring that it is useful, and reinforced through a variety of means
  • Avoid overloading their audience with too much information for them to absorb and use
  • Present information to their targeted audience in the way that they seek it or expect to find it
  • Minimize the workload of staff as they increase or change the types of communications vehicles employed, frequency in which they are delivered, and the customization of messages to target audiences with related information needs and concerns

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