About Chez Doris

Chez Doris is a daytime shelter that offers educational and recreational activities, social services and professional services for women in need. Chez Doris welcomes women who come to the house to take part in a variety of activities, make use of professional services, eat a hot meal, get a little sleep and a change of clothes, be called by their names and, for a time, feel like ordinary people. Chez Doris is open 7 days a week, and close to one hundred women arrive at their doors every day.

How we helped

At a time when Chez Doris was facing serious budget cuts and financial uncertainty, Phil’s team was called in to increase the organization’s visibility to help gain more support from the general public. Within 6 months of collaborative teamwork, Chez Doris was able to re-open their doors on the weekends to help serve Montreal women in need, 7 days a week. Over three years, we continued to increase their online presence through social media efforts, stronger branding and broader fundraising efforts.

Online donors increased by 305% in the first two months

Making giving easier

We redid Chez Doris’ website and within 2 months saw a dramatic increase in web traffic resulting in a 305% increase in donors for the month of December 2015 and a 212% increase in the funds raised.

Activity Calendar & Blog

The blog and calendar feature are easy for the client to update on a regular basis, on their own, with no programming knowledge, thanks to the simplicity of this WordPress website.

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food baskets distributed each year

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