About CivitasX

CivitasX is Latin for “community with a common purpose” and reflects a shared faith-based commitment to dialogue and community service. Together, the founding partners St. George’s Anglican Church and PEACE Initiatives Canada, a Muslim-led non-profit and others are working on projects that matter while building mutual understanding and friendship. They prepare meals and deliver them to Montreal’s homeless among other activities.

How we helped

Phil helped create CivitasX‘s name, logo, slogan and start up marketing material including setting up the organization’s Facebook page.

Online donors increased by 305% in the first two months

Making giving easier

We redid Chez Doris’ website and within 2 months saw a dramatic increase in web traffic resulting in a 305% increase in donors for the month of December 2015 and a 212% increase in the funds raised.

Activity Calendar & Blog

The blog and calendar feature are easy for the client to update on a regular basis, on their own, with no programming knowledge, thanks to the simplicity of this WordPress website.

visits annually

food baskets distributed each year

medical visits

mental health sessions