Collective Community Services

About Collective Community Services

CCS has served Montreal for more than 75 years as a private-sector social agency. CCS is built on the belief that systemic, sustainable impact comes from collectively-working communities. In harnessing the power of human resilience they enable even the most marginalized population to become architects of their lives. To lift underserved communities, CCS listens to what participants need and partners with collaborators that share their vision and values to develop services and programs for sustainable change. Each of their many programs serves a niche purpose, strategically influencing impact. Their programs and partner relationships are developed in tandem to inclusively raise the Montreal communities they support from all angles and avenues.

How we helped

One of Phil’s specialities is branding and positioning. CCS asked us to develop a strategic communications plan, one that would make it clear to their stakeholders, partners and media who they are as an organization, what they look to achieve in the years to come, and how they can do it together, collectively. Phil’s intervention took place during a difficult transition period for the organization but gaining clarity in their mission, vision and values allowed them to pull through and be stronger for it.