About Gainey Foundation

The Gainey Foundation is dedicated to funding environmental and arts programs for youth. The foundation’s initial goal was met by raising $2 million in its first two years. The Gainey Foundation has held fundraising concerts over the years, in Montreal and in Peterborough. The Foundation is proud to continue allocating grants and hopes to continue its mission for many years to come.

How we helped

Phil developed the Gainey Foundation website, giving them a simple way to showcase the wonderful organisations they support and honour the two special people for whom the foundation was created. While we enjoy working with large institutions, is it just as gratifying to help smaller family foundations, especially one with such a big heart.

Approachable yet professional

Minimal maintenance

As a grant-giving organisation, the Gainey Foundation does not have the same needs as a charity looking to fundraise online. They did, however, want to showcase the organisations they support as well as to boast a clean website that did not require a lot of upkeep.