About Hope & Cope

Hope & Cope is a psychosocial support organization founded in 1981 by Sheila Kussner, OC, OQ, and a small group of dedicated volunteers. The staff of Hope & Cope along with over 400 volunteers, provide a comprehensive range of services to respond to the emotional and practical needs of men and women who are coping with the stress of a cancer diagnosis and its treatment.

How we helped

Phil updated the Hope & Cope logo to reflect the life and love they pour into everything they do. We also created a new WordPress website to allow them to update their own content on a regualr basis, create a better user experience and showcase the wonderful volunteers and donors who contribute to their worthy cause.

Website redesign

Care and compassion

The new site features an easy to update news section so their communications team can refresh the content more often. The new online image represents the warmth, care and energy of the wonderful staff and volunteers that work tirelessly to serve cancer patients every day.

Activities galore!

Hope & Cope offers so many classes, programs and support groups that they required a simple calendar system that they could update on a daily or weekly basis. Visitors can look up fitness or relaxation sessions, yoga or tai chi, cooking or art therapy, or sign up to learn strategies for coping better with the stress of living with cancer – or supporting someone who does.


intakes annually

participants at the wellness centre daily

fearless founder: Sheila Kussner!