About Les amis de la montagne

Les Amis de la Montagne exists to protect and enhance Mount Royal through community involvement and environmental education. Les Amis de la Montagne’s network includes citizens allied with the heads of philanthropic foundations and company presidents. All share the same passion, that of protecting and enhancing the mountain. Through its advocacy initiatives, education and awareness-raising activities, and enhancement and improvement projects, Les Amis provides the community with the opportunity to exchange ideas and to become involved in the preservation of Mount Royal.

How we helped

The Mount Royal is one of Montreal’s more precious gems and the source for many creative ideas. Phil has had a longstanding relationship with Les Amis since 2008, creating fundraising tools, direct mail pieces and campaign material. In 2014, we created the branding for the “Chapeau Mont Royal” event which was heralded as one of the city’s fundraising highlight of that spring.

raised by Chapeau event in 2015



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