About Logifem

Logifem provides shelter and care to women and children in Montreal. Our vision is to be a force of transformation in the lives of women in difficulty. Logifem has a shelter that can accommodate up to 20 women with or without children. Residents are admitted to the shelter on an emergency basis for one or two nights, or on a longer term basis for up to a year. We also have access to seven supervised apartments where women can stay for up to five years and a transition apartment that can be used by single mother and her child for up to three years.

How we helped

Phil is proud to have delivered this organisation’s very first website since its inception in 1988, and it’s new website in 2015. We also created banners for their information kiosk and a pamphlet to promote their services, increase volunteer support and encourage donations. Our team also implemented their email marketing tools to allow for a more affordable way to reach stakeholders.

Professional online presence

Time to shine

Logifem has been helping women in need for nearly 3o years. Yet not many Montrealers are aware their services exist. The website’s goal was to showcase the work they do and the services they offer in a comforting way.