About the McGill University Health Centre

At the service of Montreal and Quebec residents since the 19th century, the hospitals of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) are undergoing a historic transformation. Both their facilities and practices are being upgraded to implement new ways to improve care delivery and integrate health, research and teaching with the latest technology and healing environments. Now more than ever, their inter-disciplinary teams will come together to share their knowledge, discoveries and resources, furthering their contribution to the advancement of medicine in Montreal and the world. In collaboration with their network partners, they are building a better future for their patients and families; for their employees, professionals, researchers and students; for their community and above all, for life.

How we helped

In 2015, the MUHC underwent an historic transformation and the biggest hospital move in Canadian history, when three of its founding hospitals (Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal Children’s Hospital, and the Montreal Chest Institute) were transferred to a brand new healthcare complex located on the site of the former Glen rail yards in Notre Dame de Grace. Phil developed the microsite for the events leading up the the grand opening of the new super hospital. The website hosted all of the events leading up to opening day, including activities for staff, volunteers, patients and the larger Montreal community.



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