About Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has gradually expanded over the years to include activities focused on breast health awareness and education. Today, they are proud to fund major research projects in Quebec, while continuing to encourage Quebecers to adopt healthy lifestyles, and to support thousands of breast cancer sufferers in their struggle with the disease. Since 1994, they have invested more than $36 million in research, education and awareness, and support programs.

How we helped

What started as a pro-bono gesture in 1996 long before our company even saw the light of day, became a 15 year relationship between Phil and the Breast Cancer Foundation lasting until 2011. Once known as the Montreal Breast Cancer Foundation, Phil accompanied the Foundation through it’s branding transition and growth to become the province’s leading organization in breast cancer research and patient support. Through campaigns, events, strategy and graphic design – Phil will always be grateful to this foundation for its trust in our abilities and for allowing us to learn as they grew.