About RSEQ

The Réseau du Sport Étudiant du Québec (RSEQ) is a leading player in the development of sports and physical activity in Quebec, especially among students, from beginners to elite athletes. They promote education, academic achievement and youth health.

How we helped

Phil’s mandate (in collaboration with Defacto Interactif) was to build a comprehensive Internet portal for RSEQ that promotes school sports across grade school, high school, college and university levels. The goal of the website was to facilitate RSEQ’s communications, information sharing and administrative responsabilities with its members. Phil completely redesigned the internet portal and reworked the entire site architecture and content management system, which is now updated by the client regularly, and is compatible with multiple browsers across operating systems. We added many practical features such as social media feeds, and established functional links between databases and statistics systems for generating automated content.