Taking Root

About Taking Root

Taking Root is a pioneer in leveraging the forest carbon offset industry to promote economic development amongst smallholder farmers in Central America. As a not for profit, their mission is to use reforestation as a tool to mitigate climate change, restore ecosystems and improve livelihoods. This is achieved by encouraging smallholder-farming families to reforest the under-utilized parts of their farms using native tree species in exchange for direct payments over time as the trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere. These carbon sequestration services are then marketed and sold directly within Canada and through channel partnerships in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, England, the USA and Spain.

How we helped

Phil created the marketing and communications plan and sales material, including a strong focus on social media strategies to help encourage word of mouth and ultimately, more participation in Taking Root’s C02R program. We developed promotional tools available to companies who sign up for the C02R Program, to help these members promote their carbon offsetting and reduction, and connect with carbon-conscious customers.