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About Yoga Bliss

Yoga Bliss studio is run by none other than Dr.Bali, a 91-year-old yoga guru who developed the Dr. Bali method. This method of yoga focuses on the subtle body, which corresponds to the autonomic nervous system from which stress and emotions emanate. Through practicing the Dr. Bali method in one of his learning programs or through Drop-In, Bliss-Out classes taught by him or his teachers, Dr. Bali yoga method practitioners connect with their true nature that is timeless, formless, and ageless.

How we helped

Phil created Yoga Bliss’ website, communications and social media strategies, including various promotional materials throughout the last decade. In addition to providing communications support, advice, and execution, we were integral to the operation strategy of the studio for over ten years. We are proud to have contributed to the improving health of Montrealers and beyond by spreading access to the Dr.Bali method. As practitioners ourselves, we are advocates for the healing components in the Dr.Bali method, recognizing the major benefits for productivity, happiness, and well-being.


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A site worthy of its guru

Don't let his age fool you, this yogi knows marketing!

Dr. Bali is a calm and wise soul, and despite being over 90 years old, knows the importance of an integrated marketing approach. His website includes YouTube videos, testimonials, online registration, newsletter sign up and links to his many social media accounts. As versatile as the yogi himself, the Yoga Bliss website is the cornerstone for the studio’s communications.