Who we are

Phil creates fundraising and communication strategies and tools specifically for socially-missioned organizations and businesses. We offer Strategy, Fundraising, Branding, Technology and Social Media services. We’re a small and talented team with one thing in common: our clients are our heroes. It’s why we love working at Phil. Every member of our team was drawn to working with us because of our commitment and shared values that align with our B Corp certification: using business as a force for good.

What we’re looking for

We’re growing fast, and we’re juggling dozens of projects with dozens more on the horizon. We’re looking for a project management guru to help us manage production timelines, coordinate resources, and keep our team focused and productive.

As our lead Project Manager, you’ll have several high-level responsibilities:

  • Take ownership of all production scheduling, resource allocation, deadlines, and execution.
  • Help us improve our current operational model by drawing on your experience, conducting research, and guiding us through new methods, processes, and tools that complement who we are and the way we work.
  • Help us analyse, redesign, implement, and document production workflows, in collaboration with relevant team members.
  • Create clarity, minimize disruptions (related to the production schedule), and help your teammates stay sane when things get really busy.
  • Make sure the production team has what they need to deliver their best quality work (while respecting scheduling and budgetary constraints).

On a daily/weekly basis, you’ll be:

  • Maintaining a clear picture of current priorities, upcoming work, available resources, effort required for different tasks, and people availability.
  • Working with our sales team to create estimates and timelines, for proposals and new projects.
  • Working with Account Managers to understand client needs/priorities/deadlines and distributing resources as needed.
  • Working with our external network of collaborators to manage their availability and assign them tasks when their particular skills are needed on a project.
  • Coordinating key meetings (e.g. project kickoffs), taking into account internal resource availabilities.
  • Predicting and resolving scheduling issues before they occur.
  • Reworking schedules as needed when unforeseen changes occur (e.g. from changing client needs, new priorities, delays, changes in team member availability, etc.).
  • Leading our weekly production meeting and managing daily tasks and priorities for all team members and collaborators.
  • Ensuring that team members track time and expenses and respect systems and processes.
  • Supporting Account Managers in reporting, invoicing, closing, and reviewing completed projects.

We’re looking for more than a builder of Gantt charts. We need someone ultra-flexible, able to adapt to change with ease. Someone who transforms chaos into clarity and reduces stress. Someone who helps people breathe easier, work happier, and deliver work that they’re proud of.

What you’ll likely need to be successful:

  • 3-5 years of experience in a fast-paced production environment, ideally in an agency (but not essential).
  • An in-depth understanding of creative, technical, and content production processes.
  • Technological literacy (we use lots of software tools, as you might guess).
  • English and French, spoken and written.
  • Ability to work from our office in Little Burgundy (downtown Montreal).
  • Most importantly, you will need to share our mission and values.

Send your CV to [email protected]

Please note only selected candidates for interviews will receive a reply. Thank you.

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