We're all in this together.

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.

– Babe Ruth

Our partners work with us to deliver outstanding service to our customers. We are proud to partner with them and we will be happy to include them in our future projects with you!

Since 2001, eSimpleIT has provided fundraising systems products and services in Canada and the United States. Their years of experience in the non-profit sector has enabled them to narrow data management down to a science. They help organisations focus on their mission, not managing their data. They strive to help non-profits become more efficient and raise more funds so that their time, effort and money is put to good use. VISIT THEIR WEBSITE >

Espace M is an independent media agency that has been helping advertisers for more than 10 years to reach their consumers efficiently and with impact. We offer complete support in the implementation of advertising campaigns, from strategy to post-mortem through planning, purchasing and digital implementation. We approach the media with a holistic and surgical approach that we optimizes the relevance, measurement and effectiveness of our clients’ media plans. VISIT THEIR WEBSITE >

Approprimage collaborates with organizations to help them improve people’s quality of life and build stronger communities. Their goal is to support their clients by documenting their unique approach and highlight storytelling through video and photography. Approprimage is a division of P.A.I.R., a non-profit who focuses on capacity building and empowering other non-profits. VISIT THEIR WEBSITE >

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Isabelle Kolish-Dufresne, founder of Goduko, helps employers and their employees, to work better together in an environment where every member contributes to develop one another.  With more than 10 years working as an HR generalist and business partner, her career developed in both SMBs and large enterprises in various industries such as multi-media, technology and medical/dental. Having coached, supported, and guided leaders, employees and teams in both Montreal and Toronto, Isabelle focuses today on helping her clients with their employee retention challenges, in addition to attracting and engaging talent. She is a team-experience strategist driven by her passion to make the the world a better place in which to live and work, and enjoys collaborating with like-minded partners.

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Community – bringing groups together to build engagement and ownership.
Participation and leadership fuel the best organizations and societies. Harvest Performance strives to bring groups together to build engagement and ownership, and empower groups through cooperation. Sonia’s enthusiasm for bringing people together leads to more connected, more successful teams and organizations. We partner with Harvest Performance to offer our clients the best in training, leadership development workshops, team collaboration, conflict resolution, and on boarding effectiveness. VISIT THEIR WEBSITE >

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Our event partners, Michael Miro and Claude Dumais, have been involved with auctions for more than forty years. With their expertise they can successfully help to organize and execute a profitable fundraising auction. They have been involved with numerous charities over the years and have an outstanding track record for success!  CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO >

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With the combined expertise of its associates and years of experience in the field, Raymond RH‘s mission is to impact your organization’s performance by paying particular attention to the most important aspect of your operations: its human capital. These HR experts can assist you with your future employees (attracting talent, recruiting and staffing, onboarding and integration) as with your current employees (succession planning, performance reviews, payroll support, employee mobilization). Taking into account the daily reality of the sector, RRH advisors help to foster the development and growth of your dynamic organization. VISIT THEIR WEBSITE >