A smart, creative & affordable solution for your third party fundraising initiatives.

The Caritas peer-to-peer fundraising program is designed for organizations who are faced with the challenge of having too many generous supporters but not enough internal resources to manage or supervise all the suggested outside events. It’s a great problem to have, but a problem nonetheless!

Phil has developed a turnkey third party fundraising program that provides your organization with:

  • Customized strategy
  • Creative campaign concept
  • A personalized microsite
  • Supporters can create their own fundraising page
  • Organizer Event Kit, including donation and signup forms, posters, stickers & stationery
  • Option for email campaign and campaign content management
  • Ongoing support for the duration of the campaign
  • À la carte options available to suit the needs of your organization

Why Caritas?

  • A custom strategy for your needs
  • Easy to manage with measurable results
  • Improve donor stewardship
  • Reach new donors
  • Raise funds all year long
  • Reach your supporters and their network, whether they’re individuals or groups, thanks to Caritas

There are many options on the market today but nothing like Caritas. Our program offers what the others don’t: 15 years of creative and strategic campaign solutions – built in, not extra. Thanks to our extensive experience, Caritas is an effective way to sustain and grow your fundraising initiatives.

We want to help your supporter network to raise money on your behalf, both online and off, with simple and effective tools that you can use for years to come.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see if Caritas is right for you : 514.932.0314 | [email protected]